Smart Lighting



Smart lighting can provide a beautiful outdoor setting, giving your home elegance. Your personal settings allow you to be more energy efficient and offer you the convenience of controlling the lighting anywhere in your home with the touch of a button or by setting up a lighting schedule.

Wireless Solutions

Wireless solutions provide you with a sleek and sophisticated lighting control keypad that controls the lighting, music, and more in your home.

This allows you to adjust the lights from your mobile device, laptop, or touch screen wireless controllers.

Centralized or Wired Solutions

This is the perfect choice for those building or remodeling a home. It gives you the most control of your lighting system without impacting the visual aesthetics of your room décor.

Now you can hide all the controls so they are not in the way, giving you a more centralized solution with elegant keypads or sleek touch screens, enabling you one-touch lighting control and more.

Blinds & Shade Control


Imagine blinds that always know what to do while enhancing the beauty of your home and setting the mood.

Wake up to natural light in the morning, cool your home when the heat is too great, and as the sun goes down, so do your blinds, providing you with privacy.

We offer a variety of automated shading options that can also be customized to give your home smart blinds and shades.

Multi-Room Audio/Music Control


Enjoy the sound of music anywhere in your home or have different music playing in different rooms using our wireless music streaming service at the touch of a button.

Set your home to wake you up with your favorite song or radio station in the morning, set the mood for the each moment, and save your favorite songs to your smart phone, touch screen, or TV.

Add comfort and convenience to your lifestyle, and do it with style.

The multi-room audio system not only comes with powerful sound quality but also features a sleek and clean design.

Theater And Home Cinema


Create the perfect media room that sets the scene for you with one touch of the remote.

Create a “Theater” setting and sit back and enjoy as your lights dim, your high-definition projector or TV turns on, and your movie starts to stream, accompanied by the best surround sound available.

This ultimate movie watching experience is neat and uncluttered with no exposed wires, giving you a media room to be jealous of.

Climate Control


Smart climate control allows you to personalize your home by integrating your existing HVAC. Activate and control the temperature with the touch of a button on your smart phone or touch screen remote.

Automatically set your temperature to adjust throughout the day and with the seasons, all while relaxing on the couch.

Our thermostats are sleek with a clean, functional, user-friendly interface design that enables climate control as part of a complete home automation and energy management solution.

Automated Energy Management


Make your home and lifestyle better—and save the environment while doing it.

With a smart home, you are integrating all your devices so that you manage energy consumption.

Your smart home automatically knows what devices are being used and what devices should be turned off in your home to save energy and electricity.

Occupancy Sensors reliably detect when someone is in the room, and lights are automatically turned off when they're not needed.

Get live reports measuring your energy consumption and your home’s total energy usage. Learn what areas in your home are taking up the most energy and more.

Safety And Security


With our smart integrated security system, you will have complete control in the palm of your hand. You’ve never felt safer.

Video monitoring gives you live complete access to your indoor and outdoor surveillance camera from your mobile device.

Never miss a thing. You’ll receive alerts when someone goes inside your home, the thermostat is adjusted, or if a pipe bursts in the kitchen.


  • 3m
  • Apollo
  • Avaya
  • Bosch
  • Bosch Security
  • Bw
  • Chrestron
  • Christie
  • Cisco
  • Europlex
  • Extron
  • Honeywell
  • Juniper
  • Linn
  • Nec
  • Optoma
  • Oray
  • Philips Dynalite
  • Polytron
  • Servion
  • Tac
  • Vda
  • Westerstrand