Algo – The Customizable Home Elevator

BY Leila Almethen / 27 January 2021 / ELEVATORS

Building your home is a very personal experience. You make sure to incorporate all aspects that are necessary from AC to tiles. However, sometimes certain items are overlooked or become necessary at a later time. One of these things is the Elevator. One of these options is Algo Elevator.

Being overlooked, it is always a concern the timeframe of the actual installation of the Elevator. With the Algo Elevator, due to the locality of Cabin manufacturing, installation can be done in a reasonably small timeframe. This creates less hassle for you when it comes to privacy due to construction and noise levels.

Not only does it offer a short timeframe, but even when it comes to designs, the Algo Elevator has something for everyone. Due to its accessibility customers have the options to create their own Elevator based on your requirements and needs. Size & Design can be modified to the exact specifications the customer desires. Designs are not even limited to the catalogue offered. It is even possible to create your own design based off of the design of your own home which also increases the savings on the cost of the elevator itself!


A short time from and a unique design is always nice. But what about the safety? Well, with the Algo Elevator, all essential parts are Italian and are Certified by KFD which guarantees its safety. Not only that, but the full process from design to installation is done in house at Alghanim Engineering which ensures the best quality service and product.


Installing an elevator in your home is a very personal matter and does not have to be daunting. With assurance of a reasonable timeframe, personalized design and excellent safety and quality, Algo has a presence in over 3000 homes in Kuwait in the past 15 years and continues to grow