Air Conditioning


With Fixly, you are guaranteed to get unmatched quality service at affordable prices.

Our trained technicians are experienced and trained to service, maintain, install, and repair all makes and models of air conditioning and heating equipment ensuring the best HVAC functioning for your home & offices.




We have a dedicated, professional team that specializes in elevator maintenance. We cover maintenance repairs for all brands.

Our contract include monthly site visits for a full inspection of the elevator and repairs as required to ensure smooth performance.



Our experienced and trained professional team specializes in plumbing maintenance.


We offer full service plumbing work, with the experience to easily fix leaky or burst pipes, drainage systems, to complete renovation work, and more.

Our plumbing maintenance contract includes one visit every three months to check water pipelines, repair any leaks and more.



We ensure all electrical systems of your home are working properly for the safety of your family and electronic devices.

Our electrical maintenance contracts include twice-annual full inspections, ensuring smooth performance. Additionally, you will have access to our troubleshooting team, which is always just a phone call away.

Swimming Pools


Our swimming pool technicians are trained and highly experienced. Whether it is maintenance, repair or renovation, our team gives you the best solution with internationally approved technologies saving you time and money.

Enjoy time with your family and friends in a healthy, safe and perfectly working swimming pool system all-round the year with our swimming pool maintenance contracts which include one or two weekly visits, where the chemical and chlorine levels are checked and pools cleaned regularly.

The contract also includes Pump and filter checking and cleaning is done twice a year.



Living in a safe, healthy and clean environment for the safety of your family is easy with Fixly.
Our trained professionals and latest technology equipment will make sure your house is clean, sanitized and germ-free. Our Health & Sanitization Services include Duct Cleaning, Electrostatic Spray Sanitization, UVC Sterilization, Steam Deep Cleaning and Pest Control.

We Service All Brands

  • Midea
  • Coolex
  • Alaska
  • Lennox
  • Vitoria
  • Algo
  • Koyo
  • And More