Health Function Box

BY Leila Almethen / 27 December 2020 / HVAC

The Health Function Box is an option that can be added to your HVAC ducting to help purify the circulated air. There are several different strategies that can be used to ensure you are breathing clean air in your home. 
It is made up of two main items to choose from:


1.UVGI – Also Known as Puro-Air Kit


What does it do?

It helps better filter particles in the air by utilizing UV radiation sterilization to kill bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold, spores and so on. The unique design structure safeguards maximum extent to ensure safety as well as greatly improve sterilization efficiency. 


How does it work?

 The original curved streamer touch screen coating makes the service area of TiO2 nearly 100 times higher than the traditional mesh structure

What are its technical Aspects?

It is a boxed structure added to the ducting that uses UV lamp source imported from Germany OSRAM that is safe and reliable. The UV kit can be removed from the side of the structured box easily for replacement and maintenance. It also has a monitoring feature as the box is connected to the thermostat/controller.


2.PCO Kit


What does it do?

It can eliminate most bacteria, mold, viruses, spores, fungi and VOCs in the air and on the surface of objects


How does it work?

It uses magnetic particles coated with TiO2anaoparticles to oxidize organic pollutants such as bacteria, mold, viruses, spores fungi and VOCs to produce harmless substances such as carbon dioxide and water


What are its technical Aspects?

It is a rod inserted into the ducting which makes it an easier installation for existing HVAC ducts. The rod is made of a UV Lamp that has high efficacy and reliability and is a standard side for purchasing and replacement.