Constant comfort starts with Hitachi VRF

BY Leila Almethen / 31 May 2021 / HVAC

We are always excited to share new and innovated items in our industry. From the most recent tech developments in CAC to new discoveries in efficiency we like to keep you up to date. This is a great opportunity to share our new VRF Product from Hitachi, known for its latest technological advances in the industry – the JNBBQ Series. 

Hitachi VRF_1

The unique Hitachi VRF system offers constant comfort. It comes with newly developed compressors, improved piping flexibility, and Sigma shaped heat exchanger. Their VRF systems delivers high performance, guarantees efficiency, and fits perfectly with all your needs. 

Hitachi VRF_2

The Hitachi VRF’s system compressor offers highly improved performance as well as greater energy savings. This is due to the newly developed, high-efficiency DC inverter compressor with extremely accurate control technology that regulates inverter frequency in increments of 0.1Hz. 

Hitachi VRF_ 3

Additionally,  refrigerant temperature control of the Hitachi VRF system is intelligently designed to ensure that the end user will always receive the optimum flow of their cooling demands for maximum comfort and efficiency. This is accomplished through Smart refrigerant Temperature SRT technology.

HItachi VRF_ ENG4

The Hitachi VRF System is one of innovation with its latest technologies and futuristic engineering, they offer precise and reliable solutions that ensure efficient Air Conditioning.