Lift & Slide Doors Vs. Folding Doors

BY Leila Almethen / 23 February 2021 / ALUMINUM

You have finally finished all the main components of your home. Now you can relax right? Well, doors are a vital part of the final portion of giving your home the complete finish. They do not just need to be aesthetically pleasing – they should also serve your practical needs as well. With so many options, in can be difficult to choose which option will suit you best. To help narrow down your choices, we have compiled a comparison between two popular options, the lift & slide door and the folding door.



What are the main differences?

Folding doors fold back against themselves, accordion-style. They have a maximum set of 80cm wide and 3 meters tall per sash (aluminum frame). This usually works out to two and seven panels are connected by hinges and run along a concealed track on the floor or ceiling or both (depending on the size of the opening). However, the lift and slide doors have a max of 2 meters wide and 3 meters tall. Therefore, their panes are wider glass which slide sideways to the end of a frame. They can also have multiple rails depending on the size of the opening. One main difference is that the sliding door doesn’t project outwards whereas a bifold door will require space for the panels to be stacked to one side.



The major advantage of folding doors is they can be folded right back, almost entirely opening up one wall to your backyard or garden. This can enhance the natural airflow in your home during the cooler months. They also have the ability to utilize 1-2 access doors for daily use. On the other hand, the lift and slide doors are usually more restrictive as they usually on open either left or right by 50%-70%. However, they can also offer greater control, as you can open a few centimeters for a light breeze.



The big plus for sliding doors is fewer panels and larger expanses of glass allowing natural light to flood in, brightening your home. Both doors can be installed with an embedded track. This is usually done during the porcelain installation phase and helps level out the frame which also makes it wheelchair friendly. Folding doors can be pulled back to create a wider opening, when closed there’s significantly more vertical frame visible than can be achieved with Lift and Slide doors.  This means that there is more glass use for Lift and Slide doors which also means that there is minimal view obstruction for your backyard or garden. 


The choice is yours

Each door type has his benefits, and the best determination of what suits you and your family as to what your requirements are. Ultimately, it is down to personal choice which is the best option.