Vitoria: The Home Elevator

BY Leila Almethen / 03 September 2020 / ELEVATORS

With families growing rapidly, it is essential to consider the comfort and convenience of everyone in the home. One such convenience is the residential elevator. It can greatly improve a homeowner’s quality of life and ease the demands of their lifestyle. As technology advances not only does for a home elevator’s footprint decreased but the technology has also improved giving homeowners a realistic option of installing an elevator or including one in the design of their new home. One Such elevator is Vitoria

Vitoria is a Spanish manufactured Elevators, Orona Group, which is one of the leading companies in Europe. The flexibility in the design of the Vitoria Model ensures the demand of the homeowner’s movements are made. Where it is because of maneuverability, attachment to a wheelchair or the ability to move bulky items up and down different levels it provides ease and convenience.


The Vitoria Model offers flexibility in height, up to 260 cm, to ensure usability for a variety of reasons. It also offers double doors (either side to side or front and back). This ensures that the homeowner is able to have access to the elevator from different directions depending on the built of the house and their needs. It also has the option foldable cabin seats, making it a smooth and comfortable ride for anyone.
The technology used for the model also encompasses modernity in addition to being user-friendly. The option to have horizontal buttons is offered to ensure those who are physically challenged have an easier time to navigate the machine. Additionally, it offers the option of VVVF (variable voltage variable frequency) which smooths the ride experience of the elevator Privacy is also encompassed in the design as the model offers password use in order to restrict access to certain floors only, which is ideal for those who would like to have limited access to specific floors. 
Overall, the Vitoria Model has been in Kuwait for nearly 10 years with a great track record of satisfied customers. With its modern design and its user-friendly technology, the Vitoria Elevator is a great indication of where home technology is headed.