Schools & Universities


Targeted, dynamic lighting reinforces you school or university’s brand while keeping the campus safe and inviting for students. Remotely, you can update lighting schedules and efficient maintain fixtures, creating optimal savings for even the largest campuses.

Create an environment that supports your educational objectives while drastically improving the look of your campus, office buildings, roadways, and parking lots.

Promote your school, college, or university brand while keeping the campus safe and inviting for students, allowing them to learn in comfort and improving their performance. You can also have the ability to create a lighting schedule remotely for higher maintenance and energy efficiency.



We offer innovative lighting solutions for all healthcare application areas such as clinics, rehabilitation care, and doctors’ practices on-site.

Illuminate rooms with decorative lighting that will create a clean, safe, and comfortable environment for patients and employees that is customized for your clinic.



We offer innovative and intelligent lighting systems that are not only aesthetic designed to enhance your hospital’s appearance but also create a clean, safe, and comfortable environment.

Help patients relax and recover in comfort with improved lighting conditions. Our healthcare lighting solutions reproduces the natural light rhythms that the human bodies respond to for healthy sleeping habits.

Our lighting design systems are designed with you and within your budget, ensuring a system that fits your needs while reducing energy and maintenance costs.


  • Eae
  • Omega
  • Philips
  • Philips Dynalite
  • Ventilux