Warehouse & Distribution Centers


Keeping employees safe on the warehouse floor is critical. Highly uniform, inherently directional white proper lighting helps eliminate shadows and dark corners where accidents may occur.

With a long useful life and powerful, flexible options solutions, we can deliver light on both vertical and horizontal planes for optimal visibility of racks and shelves.

We work with you to meet your lighting needs, helping to create an intuitive, fully capable, flexible state-of-the-art lighting system that is energy efficient system and lowers maintenance costs.

Manufacturing Facilities


With a facility running 24 hour a day, it’s critical that your lighting system keeps up. Replacing lamps can result in precious production time lost, so you need a lighting solution provider you can trust. The long useful life and energy efficiency lighting saves you time while keeping maintenance and energy costs low.

Providing light will help to increase employees’ safety on the work floor and protect against dust and moisture to keep things running smoothly.

We also offer flexible installation approaches give you the ability to change the lighting configuration depending on layout, an important factor in maximizing the longevity of your lighting system.

Car Parking


It is important to create a safe and secure environment in your parking garage that will keep predators away by reducing shadows and eliminating dark corners, allowing drivers to feel safer and providing clear visibility.

Our high-quality LED lighting systems deliver the right amount of light and give you long life so you don’t have to change your lights as often, thus reducing maintenance costs.

With intelligent lighting solution & controls we can help you save on energy cost while enhancing your green credentials.


  • Eae
  • Omega
  • Philips
  • Philips Dynalite
  • Ventilux