Road Lighting


Feeling Safe

We combine innovation technology with energy-efficient solutions to reduce costs while improving the safety and security of citizens at night, making your city more livable.

Street lighting does more than illuminate your streets; it is a system connected to a network that gives you the ability to monitor and manage your streets’ lighting.

Our professional team will advise and support you in choosing the perfect lighting system based on your requirements and needs.

Architectural & Facade Lighting


Make sure that your first impression counts.

With Dynamic lighting you can create shop window and façade that is guaranteed to impress anyone.

Remote monitoring technology allows for efficient maintenance and unprecedented flexibility to display with long-lasting LED luminaires that reduce energy consumption and still shine bright enough to illuminate a skyline.

City Beautification & Landscape


Put some soul in your city center.

A city should be just as vibrant at night as it is during the day. Our flexible, integrated lighting systems can revitalize and create comfortable, prosperous, and exciting places to visit after dark.

At a time of rapidly changing social practices, every city is looking to be more attractive, welcoming, convenient and safe.

Sports & Area Lighting


Give your sports venues a warm, welcoming lighting solution with the right ambiance and clear visibility, creating a safe environment.

Lighting effects how athletes and fans feel in your sports venue. A welcoming ambience and clear visibility will enhance their experience and performance to keep fans coming back.

Our flexible lighting solutions can be customized to fit your venue’s different sporting conditions, making it a suitable choice for the smallest or the largest venues.


  • Eae
  • Omega
  • Philips
  • Philips Dynalite
  • Ventilux