Our team of trained and experienced professionals will guide you through the complete installation of your Central Air Conditioning unit including design, installation, and commissioning of your unit.

Our team will ensure that your design is up to international standards and provides an evenly distributed airflow in every room, keeping you and your family cool and comfortable.

  • wooden_frames
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  • wooden_frames_c


Once we have agreed on the design we will start making the markings to create wooden frames and our engineers will ensure that you get the most height out of your false ceiling.

We provide the approved markings to the foreman and the next day we send the specifications to our state of the art workshop for fabrication. The workshop will deliver the wooded frames to the next day for installation.

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When the skeleton of your villa in completed we will install the control, copper, and drain pipes based on the drawings. The thermostat is then installed in the hottest room of you villa to ensure you get the most accurate reading.

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Not only do we have one of the largest workshops in Kuwait but we use modern and fully automated machinery for designing and fabricating our ducting.

Our engineers are all experienced, certified, and factory trained to ensure that you duct is installed with the highest quality.

We use KIMCO glass wool insulation to enhance comfort and keep unwanted heat out of your villa.

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When the ducting is complete our design team and engineers will meet with the customer to discuss what type of air outlets will best suit their villa.

We offer several different types of air outlet types to fit any décor allowing for the customer choose the right air outlet based on his budget and requirements.

(100% guarantee no leaks)

Types of air outlets


Round Multi-Directional Hidden Linear Bar Grill
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The last step is installing the Unit on your rooftop!

The unit is hoisted up by a crane and placed on the roof using a spring isolator technique that will reduce vibration.

Once the unit is stable and on the roof flexible ducting is connection and fully acoustical exposed ducting is attached to maintain smooth air flow and reduce noise levels.