Air Quality Improvement


We spend most of our time inside buildings. This fact necessitates more careful attention to the quality of indoor air. With high levels of pollution outside, our indoor air is always at risk of being polluted.

Our indoor air quality improvement services include complete duct cleaning, air purification, and sanitization to ensure cleaner and better quality indoor air.

Our specially trained and certified engineers will help guide you to the correct solution based on your needs.

HVAC System Enhancement


Complete replacement of your HVAC system is not always the optimal solution. We offer services that could enhance and get the best out of your already-installed HVAC system. Our services include testing, air balancing and system evaluation.

System enhancement consists of replacing key components, installation and integration of latest control systems to incorporating preventive maintenance for better performance.

Our specially-trained and certified engineers, along with a dedicated workshop for compressor overhauling and motor rewinding, ensure superior HVAC system enhancement services.

Duct Cleaning


Kuwait’s harsh and dusty climate brings plenty of unclean air into your home. Cleaning your home’s ducts regularly will ensure that the air within your home is unpolluted.

It will also ensure that your air conditioning system is more energy efficient and lasts longer.

Equipped with the most advanced duct cleaning tools, the Engineering Group provides superior duct cleaning services. We even take the extra step of presenting you with “before and after” photos and videos of the cleaning process.



Our professional technicians are equipped to mend and repair all major compressor brands with varying capacities, both on-site and off-site.

Customers can also benefit from installation warranties, depending on their maintenance contract.

Anti-Corrosion Coating


“Temcoat gold seal” is a flexible, one-component, polyurethane moisture coating, formulated to protect HVAC equipment that is exposed to an aggressive, corrosive atmosphere.

Protecting finned tubes, heat exchangers, condensers, evaporators, and other HVAC equipment will increase the unit’s efficiency and durability.

Trouble Shooting


Our Maintenance team consists of highly trained and experienced professional technicians who can troubleshoot and repair major and minor problems.

We cover all of Kuwait’s six governorates to ensure that we provide service in a timely manner.

Solar Protection Films


Our residential solar protection films are a great way to reduce heat and enhance the appearance of your home. SunTek offers a full line of window films for architectural, safety, and security applications.

SunTek solar protection film can significantly reduce energy consumption and enhance the efficiency and durability of your home air conditioning equipment.

Using SunTek solar protection film will lower the load of your air conditioning system, making you cooler and more comfortable.

We Service All Brands

  • Alaska
  • Coolex
  • Midea
  • Lennox
  • All other Brands