About this Project

The Ministry of Enviroments building located in Salymia with a goal to increase environmental awareness and to create a great behavioral and cultural shift in dealing with the environment in which we live. Our mission is mainly concerned with providing a cultural scientific message that is concerned with environmental affairs in the State of Kuwait and to document the environment condition in the sea, air and land through a professional teamwork that tends to use state-of-the-art instruments in order to form a documented and comprehensive scientific encyclopedia.

As for our values, they are mainly derived from the teachings of our religion and its directions in dealing with the environment in a balanced way while providing information with the spirit of one team.

The most important thing that distinguishes us is the establishment of the first local project in this respect which includes revised environmental information which is supported by images. The site is subject to scientific study.

  • Owner
    Ministry of Environments
  • Consultant
    Jassem Qabazard
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    Full MEP, Mechanical Products