About this Project

Zahra Co-op isn’t your typical co-op. This co-op was to promote and accelerate the use of LED for electrical power also to raise awareness on the applied technology and techniques used. The Project improved energy efficiency and quality of the lighting system by


  1. Energy auditing and upgrading the lighting and air conditioning system.
  2. Designing and installing optimal carport photovoltaic system and providing up to date menu display and monitor performance of the system while enabling public awareness through visitors interaction.



The energy saved by retrofitting the lighting system only will amount to 580 MW/hr. annually. This can:


  • Meet the need for electricity of more than 7 homes per year
  • Save at least 1000 barrels of oil/yr.
  • Reduce C02 emissions by at least 530 tons


  • Owner
    Zahra Cooperative
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  • Services
    Lighting Systems - Design, Supply, Installation, testing & commissioning